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Inspecting A Connecting Weld

Milos takes the greatest care to guarantee the very highest level of excellence of its welded products. To ensure that product safety is always at the forefront of our thinking, Milos uses metallographic inspection to complement mechanical property tests in the verification of welded joints. According to the magnification used, metallographic tests are divided into […]

Why Certifications?

At MILOS, our primary goal is to simply produce the highest quality truss and staging products that are superbly made, durable, and most importantly, SAFE. To ensure these goals are achieved, it is necessary for MILOS to strictly follow the rules, regulations and procedures that govern our production processes. Among these procedures is close adherence […]

Powder Coating Adhesion Test

It is unfortunately not unusual to see well-crafted structures disfigured by badly applied and peeling paint. At MILOS we pay particular attention to checking all painted structures thoroughly before sending them to the client. Today, we would like to demonstrate exactly how we ensure that our customers can always rely on receiving a perfectly painted […]

Prolyte’s Scalability

What is Scalability? Scalability is essentially the production and design of products, in a way that utilizes standard parts and elements in different constructions. What are the advantages of Scalability? • A step-by-step investment for your business The design of Prolyte’s ground support and roof systems is based on standard products. With initiate stock of […]

Rigger’s Voice 2020

Rigger’s voice is annual meeting of professional riggers, held in Area Four Industries headquarters Czech Republic. We enjoyed a lot of fun during this two days meeting. This year we invited “the best of” Scandinavian countries. Do you want to attend next year as well? Write us to

Anodising vs. Powder Coating

The finishes on aluminium products come in four categories – natural, painted, anodised and powder coated. Today we’re going to talk about two of these finishes that are the least understood – anodised and powder coated. Both of these finishes are extremely high quality and will serve you well for many years to come, but […]

Business Review Meeting 2020

At the beginning of the year we had annual Business Review meeting in Czech Republic. The whole management of all Area Four Industrie’s brands sit down in one room and discuss what to do, to provide our customers even better products and services.

Milos Product Academy 2019

For a second time this year, the two-day MILOS Product Academy was held at the MILOS headquarters and factory in Roudnice nad Labem, Czech Republic. For the Fall session from 18. – 19.10, more than thirty attendees from the Czech Republic and Italy were treated to a series of trainings and presentations focused on truss […]

Demystifying TIG and MIG welding

Today we’re going to pull back the curtain and reveal the inner workings of the well-known welding methods TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) and MIG (Metal Inert Gas), both of which are used at the MILOS factory. Which method is better? Neither one! Both produce strong, high quality welds. The main difference between them is how […]