Inspecting A Connecting Weld

Milos takes the greatest care to guarantee the very highest level of excellence of its welded products.

To ensure that product safety is always at the forefront of our thinking, Milos uses metallographic inspection to complement mechanical property tests in the verification of welded joints. According to the magnification used, metallographic tests are divided into macroscopic and microscopic tests. The tests can be carried out by acid etching, and are used in the detection of the macroscopic or microscopic characteristics of the weld joint.

Macroscopic inspection is also performed on test samples taken transversely on the weld line (cross section), which includes the welded metal, the heat-affected zone (HAZ), and the base material. After polishing and etching, the surface of the sample allows an assessment of the quality of the joint (presence of defects), the shape of the weld, the method of laying the weld layers, the connection of individual weld beads, the dilution of the weld metal with the base, and finally the shape and extent of the heat-affected zone.

In further newsletters, we will focus on other areas of testing Milos products to maintain our commitment to excellence and product safety.

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