Powder Coating Adhesion Test

It is unfortunately not unusual to see well-crafted structures disfigured by badly applied and peeling paint. At MILOS we pay particular attention to checking all painted structures thoroughly before sending them to the client. Today, we would like to demonstrate exactly how we ensure that our customers can always rely on receiving a perfectly painted structure that will not blister or peel.

Firstly, we always use the highest quality and most adhesive paint. Secondly, MILOS subjects every manufactured piece we produce to the so-called Grid Adhesion Test.

Fundamentally, the essence of the test is to engrave six horizontal and vertical cuts through the colour to the base material. The spacing of each individual cut is precisely controlled by the thickness of the coating (up to a maximum of 250 cm) and the specific material used.

Through these cuts a special film is then glued. How well the paint adheres to the surface will obviously determine whether any structure will be sent to the customer.

If the paint peels or shows any sign of damage after testing, then MILOS guarantees that the structure will never be sent to any client.

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