Why Certifications?

At MILOS, our primary goal is to simply produce the highest quality truss and staging products that are superbly made, durable, and most importantly, SAFE. To ensure these goals are achieved, it is necessary for MILOS to strictly follow the rules, regulations and procedures that govern our production processes. Among these procedures is close adherence to the European Directive (EN 1090-1,2,3) that requires special certification of all our highly-experienced workers, in  particular welders, who are certified in accordance with ISO 3834. The requirements of ISO 3834 form part of the requirements related to the harmonizing standard EN 1090-1 for structural metal components when placed on the market, and standards setting out the requirements for the assembly of metal structures.

EN 1090-2 is the secondary part of the EN 1090 series of standards and specifies requirements for the execution of steel structures.

EN 1090-3 is the third part of the EN 1090 series of standards and specifies requirements for the execution of aluminum structures.

We are working in accordance with the European Directive: (EN 1090-1,2,3) in order to ensure adequate levels of mechanical resistance and stability, serviceability, and durability.

These standards assume that the work is carried out with the necessary skill and adequate equipment and resources to perform the work in accordance with the execution specification and requirements of the European Standard.

MILOS is certified in accordance with Execution Class 3, which means we are in the same category as companies building railway bridges and buildings over 15 floors in height. We can demonstrate that MILOS products contain welds that have been tested and are in line with documented research regimes. We can also demonstrate that all MILOS materials and welding equipment is independently serviced and tested ensuring that the highest quality welding can be consistently repeated in our factory.

All Milos Trusses and Cell clamps are examined by the world-renowned company TUV. In short, all of the previously mentioned products are certified by an independent authority following the new Eurocode regulations. This certification ensures that our products have undergone the highest level of testing and certification to achieve top quality, safety and reliability.

MILOS. A 25+ years young brand, with fast, flexible, and affordable quality solutions. “MILOS. Works Better“

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